Sudan Peace Agreement In Juba

We are happy. We ended the mission,” said Tut Gatluak, head of the South Sudanese mediation team, shortly before the signing of the agreement which took place a year after the start of peace talks. Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo signed the document on behalf of the Sudanese government [Akuot Chol/AFP]Two powerful rebel groups – the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), led by Abdelwahid Mohamed al-Nour and the Sudan People Movement-North (SPLM-N), led by Abdelaziz al-Hilu, have not signed, however, reflecting the challenges still facing the peace process. Mansam and the “No to Oppression against Women” initiative have repeatedly called for women to be part of the peace process. [10] [11] The members of the Security Council urged those who have not yet joined the peace process with the Government of Sudan to do so without delay, constructively and without preconditions for the early conclusion of negotiations for a comprehensive peace agreement, and called on all international actors to continue to encourage non-participating parties in this regard. “As internally displaced persons and representatives of refugee women, we assure the public that we are not part of this half-peace. We believe that this peace agreement does not address the root causes of internally displaced persons and refugees. We have not appointed anyone from here to represent us in the Juba talks,” Hussein told protesters.