Requesting Copy Of Credit Agreement

In March 2013, despite numerous defaults and delays, I received a card from Aqua (I filed a complaint for irresponsible loans). In March 2017, the debt was transferred to Arrow Global, which transferred it to Restonn`s lawyers. I unfortunately paid over £1,700 after receiving court documents from the threat of legal action from Reston and a possible CCJ. I now know, after reading your blog, that a CCJ cannot be given if the applicant does not have a CSF. If Reston or Arrow don`t have it, is it possible that I can get the money back for them because the lawsuit would have been dismissed? Thanks in advance:) If you haven`t paid debts in years and aren`t being harassed by a creditor, you need a good reason to seek CCA approval. It may be best to wait and see if you are contacted and then apply for the CCA. Turbo increase your chances of credit and get your free experiential credit information. In such cases, a company should in no way mislead, either by act or omission, a customer as to the applicability of the agreement. You can ask very specific or more general questions. For example, you can request a copy of a particular letter or email. You can also request copies of all the letters and emails they have sent you. You could even just ask for a copy of all the information they have about you. Remember that in some cases this can mean that you are getting a large amount of information from them.

This can make it harder to find some of the information you`re looking for. Under the Consumer Credit Act, you have the right to ask a lender for a copy of your agreement and a settlement of your account only if you still owe them money in your account. If you have paid your debts in full or your lender has filed a lawsuit, you may not have these rights. You can choose to send a letter on your own behalf or in a common name. You may have a debt in common name or you want to write to your creditors together because you have developed a common budget. Hello Sarah, I have two debts managed by Link Financial, and the CSCs that delivered them do not agree. .