Consignment Layaway Agreement

You will receive a reminder email on the day your Layaway payment is due. You have 24 hours to make your payment or your Layaway is cancelled, it is not our responsibility to ensure that you make the payment on time. Completing a layaway transaction can be a must for many high-end homes or furniture. Whenever your business introduces items with a high ticket, you may have customers interested in a Layaway program. 4. There are two “Layaway” keys. The first is at the bottom right of the screen, near the FINISH button to create new Layaway contracts. The second is at the bottom left of the POS. This button is used to retrieve old layaway sales to make additional payments. Our Layaway program must be set up separately with a Haute Classics staff member, as it is not available as a checkout option.

If our Layaway program cannot accommodate you, we are open to discussing different custom programs. Take advantage of our layaway to get what you want and give others what they really want. In addition, most Layaway situations require the customer to return to the store or call to make payments for a purchase, instead of automatically overwhelming them every 30 days. Ricochet does not offer automatic and planned payment, but there are several online solutions if you want to track it. To accommodate our customers, we offer a Layaway payment option for consignment items from 500 $US. We will set the items aside for you during this period (which means they will not be made available for sale to other customers). Be sure to pay your credit on or before the expiration date, otherwise your fabulous items will return to our inventory for sale and . Bummer, we are unable to return payments to your Layaway.

Our Layaway has a 60-day term starting on the date you paid your 30% allowance. And uh. No, we will not adjust the price for you if an item is in a price drop situation due to its category or shipping date. Layaway is available for your use for any total items or transactions that amount to $100 or more. Deposit 30% to secure your items in the Layaway. This is just a glimpse of our Layaway. The Layaway agreement itself is available in both of our stores or if you are not on site, please email us and we can send you an agreement for signature and return by email when we send your purchases. Before making a Layaway transaction, make sure your store has clear layaway terms that cover details such as required down payments, payment terms, authorization, restocking fees and more.

For those unfamily with Layaway, it`s basically an easy way for customers to book items and pay before they`re picked up. For example, when a customer sees a beautiful piece of furniture that they know is being sold out quickly but can`t afford it right now, they can ask for a Layaway so they can reserve the item and, if necessary, make payments. As a rule, the customer only brings the item home after being fully paid. Blogger Armoire offers the comfort and accessibility of Layaway on all products (clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories) for sale, regardless of the price. Layaway payment options are determined by the price of the item: Note: Due to restrictions in the functionality of the online store, Layaway must be paid by phone or in store. For those who are not familiar with the term “Layaway”, it refers to a sales contract by which we (the retailer) undertake to keep the goods secured by a deposit until the price is fully paid by the customer…