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I am a flexi bank employee and I choose my position, where in the hospital and if teams that are offered online when I come to my position, I am told to work in another field, I can refuse to go, and they can ban me for 2 weeks. Thank you The NHS Staff Council has adopted guidelines for employers who should consider flexible contractual options for banking staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees working exclusively in banking contracts were particularly affected during this period, with some bank employees who did not have access to the Job Retention Scheme (Furlough) having a negative impact on their income due to the decrease in the availability of certain jobs. Thank you Hussain. Working on the employee bank is a great way to work the hours of your choice. If you are interested in joining one of our staff banks, you can report your interest here Hello Morgan-Rose, thank you for your request. We have no connection with Ramsay Health Care, so you should contact your employer about your taxes and payslips – they will advise you best. If you would like to register with an NHS employee bank, simply click on the `Register` link above and we will be happy to contact you. Thank you for contacting Elizabeth Hi Rebecca Fortunately, we can`t give you any general advice on this, as there are so many factors that determine the level of your salary if you switch from a simple content role to a purely banking role. As you say, it varies between trusts, but also depending on the role and other circumstances, so there is no “hard and fast” rule.

The best step will be to go to your local trust staff bank and talk to them – they will be able to provide you with much more detailed information. Thank youElizabeth Hello Saras, Thank you for deciding to support your local trust in the NHS through banking teams. Payment rates are set by each foundation, so you should speak with your local banking team to get more information about your rates. We hope this helps, Amy Hi Kirsty, thank you for your comment. We operate eight hospital banks in the Midlands, in the south of England. If you have at least six months of experience at the NHS, you can register with one of the employee banks we manage. See the link below for more information on the staff banks we operate for our partner If the worker has two roles in separate NHS employment organisations (with SEPARATE PAYE references), both organisations are legally required to assess the worker in accordance with the Automatic Enrolment Act. If the worker has a full-time job and has a zero-hour/bank agreement with the same employer, both agreements can be either aggregated into a “single employment relationship”, with retirement hours limited to normal full-time hours under NHSPS rules. This means that as a bank employee, you can choose the hours you want to work. It makes banking work a popular choice for parents and those with personal obligations, as there is no obligation to work on certain days and you only have to accept the positions you can work. Similarly, the flexibility of banking work is often attractive to retired caregivers who want to refresh their skills or increase their income. Some bank employees take on additional positions in a station/department where they already work under an employment contract.

Others may pick up positions in a number of similar work environments inside a workplace. While this is discretionary and employers may argue that employees working exclusively in a bank are not employees, employees might want to argue that this approach is contrary to the spirit of the clause and that they should be entitled to some recognition of years of service. . . .