Atf Union Negotiated Agreement

AFT assists its local subsidiaries, community partners and management partners in launching the community school strategy. Collective bargaining is another entry point for union leaders who are committed to this strategy. Through collective bargaining, we can help build programs and services that strengthen the bonds between schools, families and the community as a whole, and bring schools back to their home place. The concentrated efforts of teachers, school staff and their unions to contribute to the creation of community schools across the country are an example of quality unionism. With the help of their unions, educators and school staff can successfully build meaningful and lasting relationships with their communities and governing bodies to implement the community`s education strategy. Download a full copy of the Constitution and the statutes below. In negotiations on the inclusion of the Community school model in a contract, workers` representatives should keep in mind certain things: “Check out our resources for AFT policy and collective bargaining The Constitution and the Statutes are the rules of PFT400 and form the framework of the organization`s activity with respect to the following objectives: ATF-APS Negotiated Agreement 2019-2020 Appr. by BOE 8-21-19.pdf — PDF document, 8.91 MB (9340552 bytes) We`d love to hear from you – use our online contact form for questions, concerns or suggestions to improve! The legislative process also plays an important role in the creation of community schools. Well-developed laws at the local, national and federal levels can provide the framework in which community schools can develop and policy development is an excellent opportunity for Community stakeholders to come together to express their opinions and ideas. The AFT supports and collaborates with the Coalition for Community Schools in federal politics and also collaborates with our heads of state and allies in local politics. ATF – SPG negotiated agreement 2019-2020.