Gazetted Agreement Meaning

9.8 If a provision or part of this agreement is found to be invalid, an amendment to that agreement may be made by agreement between the parties by adding or removing the text in order to remove the invalid or disabling provision, while otherwise maintaining the provision and other provisions of this Agreement to the extent as permitted as possible by the existing legislation. 9.2 None of the parties will use, copy, modify, modify, disclose or share, directly or indirectly, information or data of the other party that is disclosed or held by the other party under this agreement and which are confidential in nature, including, but not only, to the terms of this agreement, trade secrets, drawings, know-how, source code and purpose , business and marketing plans and forecasts, agreements and agreements with third parties, customer information, formulas, suppliers, concepts that are not reduced to material form, projects, plans, models and information made available to the customer by the publisher in accordance with this agreement, and any information contained or contained in the product, whether or not it is confidential or not unless it is strictly necessary to fulfill its obligations under this agreement or under this agreement. to exercise the rights conferred on it by this agreement. , unless this obligation applies to the following information: 1.1 The terms mentioned in this clause have the following meanings in this Agreement: 2.1 This agreement begins upon its entry into force and, unless previously denounced in accordance with this Agreement, it will be prosecuted for the duration. This contract can be renewed by agreement between the publisher and the customer, by the execution of a new order form and subject to payment of the royalty by the customer to the publisher. 9.6 This agreement and the order sheet constitute the whole agreement between the parties regarding the supply of the product and include all previous agreements and transactions relating to that purpose. Each change is made in writing and signed by the authorized signatories for both parties. 5.7 The client has no official status or membership in The Gazette or The National Archives or either the publisher, Gazette or National Archives supports the customer`s products or services due to the reuse of the information contained in the product. 5.8 The client releases the publisher and the National Archives from all actions, procedures, procedures, claims, claims and fees and releases it as a result of a violation of this clause 5 by the customer or end user. In accordance with the concession agreement, the publisher offers a subscription service whereby it provides its customers with electronic information (electronic information service) information from the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes. Some customers also choose to increase their subscription with the information TSO receives from The Accountant in Bankruptcy, Scotland`s insolvency service. This agreement sets out the conditions for providing information to the customer as part of the electronic information service.

1.4 Unless the context requires something else, the words in the singular must contain the plural and the words plural the singular. 2.5 In the event of termination of the agreement for any reason, neither party is bound under this Agreement. “partner,” any associated company, subsidiary, holding company or business entity that, from time to time, is controlled, controlled or controlled jointly (in accordance with Section 1124 of the Corporation Tax Act 2010), a contracting party; “Intellectual property rights” or “intellectual property”: patents, patentable rights, copyrights, registered or unregistered or unregistered designs, public utility designs, trademarks, invention rights, copyrights, data rights, database rights, rights of know-how and confidential information, as well as all other intellectual property and industrial rights , as well as all other copyright and intellectual property that exist under a country`s law, as well as all pending applications and copyright, the same to bea