Acute Care Collective Agreement Nsnu

Hazelton said the new agreement would give nurses more flexibility. Given that the Commission and employers have based all proposals on the current NSGEU Local Collective Agreement 42, the Commission estimates that this is close to 70% of the road to an interim agreement for iWK and NASHA. However, the most difficult and controversial issues, such as benefits, wages, job security, pensions, job vacancy notices, working hours, sick leave and redistribution, have not yet been addressed. Shift and weekend work premiums will have the same adjustment amounts as in the health rate unit. Although the employers` negotiators for essential services departed from the discussions last summer, a consensus emerged to return to the table on March 6. The negotiation of an ESA is now a precondition for the union, since Bill 37, a new liberal law, imposes it before a strike or union action can take place. The Nova Scotia Union Council (NSNU, NSGEU, CUPE and Unifor) and the employers` group have concluded the collective bargaining and refer all outstanding issues to arbitrator William Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan was seen as a mediator arbiter for all acute care, collective agreements in an agreement that was ratified by a large majority of workers in May of this year. To date, the parties have held 27 rounds of negotiations to conduct a very complex package of negotiations that requires the pooling of collective agreements between the four unions (Unifor, NSGEU, CUPE and NSNU) in the areas of acute care and municipal care. The primary objective of the strike vote and the sending of the basic service plan to the Labour Council is to create sufficient pressure for employers and the government to conduct sound negotiations and conclude a new collective agreement.

We are still finalizing an essential services plan with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. The Council of Health Trade Unions is made up of CUPE, NSGEU, NSNU and Unifor. The Council was decided by law to negotiate 16 collective agreements for the IWK and one for the NSHA. The greatest benefit was getting a collective agreement for all nurses, said union president Janet Hazelton. After nearly 18 months of painful progress at the negotiating table, the unions are moving forward with a process that will conclude collective agreements for the four bargaining units by the end of the year. Mediation/conciliation of issues that will not be resolved in the course of the negotiation. Increase in wage rates over a 6-year period (the contract would expire On October 31, 2020) A timetable for the completion of the four collective agreements by the end of 2018 The New Scotia Nurses` Union stated that the collective care agreement took place at the end of last month. ESA will cover all 6,500 health care workers across the province, making it a very complex task. In addition to the complications in the ESA negotiations, the employers` negotiators for essential services were removed from the table during the summer and refused to return.

The recent awards by Mediator Referee William Kaplan include 7,500 acute nurses and more than 4,200 health workers. The members of Unifor, NSGEU, CUPE and NSNU are united and have agreed to act in solidarity for all workers who aspire to fair collective agreements for the four unions, without a collective agreement or a four-year wage increase.